Out to ECP!

It's a day of sun and fun and sand, lots of sand, for the children!

Building sandcastles were such a fav childhood past-time. Nowadays, i still do build sandcastles but they are mainly in the air ;p Seeing the children attempting to build something out of not-so-spectacular grains of sand was a great joy, for both themselves and all parents.
Working hard at the sand
Children, you can do it!
Caught in the act!
The older children chose to cycle that day.
After all the messy activities, we went to their fav HK cafe for their yummy instant noodles followed by an hour of carnival rides near Mac.

Signing off with 2 adorable pics!


Dong-Dong-Dong Qiang!!!!
Chinese new year has come and gone... I was uploading my camera's pics when i came across these photos.

Time really flies ... Before the new year, everyone is busy spring cleaning, packing things, buying things etc. Months of preparation for just that few days of celebration ... Ha! Ha! What a tradition!

Well, my CNY was a usual one. There was nothing very exciting... On the first day, i followed my MIL (mother-in-law) to visit Kiang's side of the family.

Chyanne trying to devour the goodies!
Nowadays it has reduced to visiting 4 homes. I remembered the first year when I followed them around, we visited 13 homes in one day and met the SAME group of people for 13 times on different locations!!! All this with baby Daryl in me... Faint, right? Our second day is super free and easy. We visited my mum & went to my 92 year old grandma's house for lunch.

And after that, we are free! So we stayed home & invited different ones to come visit us. Ha! Ha! As we were so bored during the CNY holidays, it always brightens our day when friends come over. I think Melvin, Johnson & Shilin were at my house for 4 days in a row! Ha! Ha!
Melvin said during those few days, he visited me more often than spending time with his dad at home man! LOL!