Being a mother is really not easy...

Or rather, it is so difficult to be a woman... so tough to be a GOOD wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, employee, superior, friend... sigh... What is good to one person may not always be good enough for another...

Every year during my boy's examination period (which is in this moment of time), I will surely have a meltdown. Just today, I had a tough argument with my son yet again; and the end result - both of us breaking down.

Every examination period, I will always feel that I am the lousiest mummy alive (and i don't even dare to think that this sunday is mother's day and I deserve to be praised or appreciated?!) Feels extremely much that I have been such a bad mummy... Have been always so busy with work that has resulted in me neglecting him and not be able to help him in his studies. It feels that I could and should have done much much much more for him. But with my limited time, what would be considered good enough?

I really wondered and pondered over the decisions I had made and what has happened for a good few hours just earlier on... Will really spending less time at work and more time at home help? Will earning lesser and spending more time helping the kids at home work out better with such high levels of standard of living in Singapore?

My conclusion? There is no perfect solution or answer. No one answer is right or wrong. People make different choices and with the choices we make, we just need to bear the consequences that follow. So it boils down once more... did I or did I not make the right decisions???? I'm thinking hard and trusting God for things to work out eventually. :)

P.S. thank you to all my friends for being my cheerleaders!!! i am so so so blessed to have you guys!! =D