Wild at Wild Wild Wet!

Chyanne is a genius! She has such a flair for photography. When the kids were going wild at wild wild wet one afternoon, she took the digi cam n snapped away. Everyone knows that still life is (supposedly) the simplest type of photography cos they are, erm, still? To capture moving objects requires more techniques i.e. stable hands and all. See Chyanne's work...

Kiang & Me right in the centre of the pic, as though measured from the borders! Ha!

Ok, we did aid her by keeping still... but still, we are in the category of "moving objects" aren't we? ;p 2 years going 3 and she can already shoot pics!

See the big brothers and sisters running about splashing wet everything and everyone who are in their paths...

Psst, this Ratatouille border is real cheerios ya? They brighten up the pics! Not like they need any brightening though... the kids were exuding energy :)

Kiang's Solo

I said goodbye to 2007 in Stewards River Boat at Marina Bay. With more than 50 friends, we booked the River Boat to recollect the last few moments of the year. The ever spontaneous girls put up a great show singing cheena oldie Cha-cha-em-bo, Sophie, Kelvin & team did a drama which played out the lovely memories the last 12 months and others grooved on the dance floor but the highlight of the performance was definitely Kiang's! Having not heard him sing a mandarin pop song for ages, that night my heart swooned again... :) That's the power of love for you.

Enjoy this video clip i managed to extract out!

Charming :) :) :)

Kids @ Zoo

For my ailing memory's sake, the next few posts will be flash-backs of the last few days :)

See a group of mothers tearing their hair out a few days before school reopens. No, not because of school textbooks that were yet to be bought, uniforms unpressed, tattered bags yet to be replaced... and oh! Socks too! Gosh... that brings me back to the never ending list of things to do. Well, guess my darlings are worth the busy bee syndrome. Anyway, we were cracking our brains over an issue - Where should we bring our children out to enjoy their last few days of freedom??!

In the end, we realised the all too conventional idea is presumably the best after all - Animals @ the Zoo! Sure to keep the kids busy! With that, we set off to the Singapore Zoological Gardens and the next thing we knew... a new understanding of "chaos" was revealed to us parents. Kids are amazing in that they never fail to bring these familiar words up another level of intensity.

The water playground was a greater draw to the kids compared to the animals in the end.. But well, we just wanted a day out for the kids to play with their friends! :)


Sorry for the disappearance! The past weeks have been packed PACKED P-A-C-K-E-D with Christmas celebrations, New Year Eve's countdown, New Year's Day boggle and well, u can name the rest...

In the midst of the hussle & bustle, my family was introduced to a new game - The Nintendo Wii!! The 5th home video game console released by Nintendo, Wii is the direct successor to the Nintendo GameCube. The Wii Remote, a wireless controller which is used as a handheld pointing device can detect acceleration and orientation 3-D. Amazing eh?

I had a great laugh when my friends came over one afternoon to try out boxing on Wii. You'll know what i mean when u see the videos below... Hold your breath, their facial expressions are hilarious!

Nic teeth-gnashing at the innocent TV screen

A gasping trainee & a future full time boxing trainer