Baby Steps

Phew! Catching my breath in the midst of work. What an adventure it has been for City News. We gained some precious experiences at some nation-wide and international events over the past months. Below are some of them...


Met with VANNESS WU, the international pop star. See the City News Team smiling from ear to ear :D

Mrs Singapore World Finalists 2009 organized a Tea Party with some underpriviledged children. City News was present to spread the cheer!

These are Miss Singapore Earth finalists parading on stage... Getting ready for the announcement of results!

Singapore SMEs investing in the development of an eco-park in Hangzhou, China. City News was present to provide media coverage for this first time collaboration between Singapore's private companies and China.

City News has branched out into video reporting recently too. It's an exciting step for us... Can't wait to see how it will develop!

Perhaps... Just perhaps we will start dreaming of moving from internet to print! Keep your fingers crossed with me!

The Beginning of City News

These few months have been quite an experience... Started a news media company online with a small team of volunteers!

It began with a conversation I had with one of my mentors. I was challenged to do more, especially in the area of media. Yes it's true, to wake up to depressing news of floods, bombs, building crashes, disasters can be a pretty negative start to a day. But how many times do we begin the day with good news? I believe there are good reports and celebrational-worthy events in our world that deserves more attention.

Inspired, an online news portal was started, to give atention to news that has been marginalized. became my baby project these few months. Pardon the lack of updates! I'll be back very soon... to bring some GOOD NEWS!