Game of Life

We just had our finale for Breakaway Camp ~ Synergy II!
One of the most memorable moments was during the 5am "Game of Life" when Johnson, “saboed” by the committee, dressed up as a nurse! We had a great laugh that night in the midst of our planning.
Life would have been so boring without such a sporting friend like him! Ha! Pictures coming up soon ;) Johnson.... Beware!!! Ha! Ha!

The Princess Wedding

I specially flew over to Jakarta, Indonesia to attend one of my members’ wedding … Sandy & Lalani’s Wedding! It was like the “Wedding of the Year” … super grand and glam! As the guys (Barry, Hendri, Andreas, Randolph, Jimmy, Adam and Andi) were all there as well, we had a great time “catching” up with them and they even taught me how to play bridge. Umm … And being a first-timer, I even beat Adam hands down! Ha! Ha! Just that due to my short stay, they can’t show me around Jakarta, and the only place they managed to bring me is to have a drink at “Starbucks!” Can you beat that? I’m first time visiting Jakarta and that is the only memory they are giving me man … Ha! This is going to be my hottest “suan-ing” topic whenever I talk to the Indo guys for a while … Hee! Hee!

Photo Shoot

Today I did what I would only consider doing over my dead body … Ha! I finally did a photo shoot for my friend, Roy who suddenly has a great surge of interest in photography. He has been trying to arrange a time with me and I always chicken out with excuses. Hee! The session was hilarious as I didn’t know how to pose and have various expressions … Ha! Ha! So as you can see, most of the pictures are still with my usual standard Kodak smile! And really thank God that Siang was around to help out … from choosing clothes to helping me to pose to adjusting my clothes and hair etc. She really became the photographer’s assistant that day. Ha! Check out the photos … and don’t you dare laugh ah! Hee!

Birthday Celebration @ KBox

I had an absolutely fabulous time @ K-Box Marina last Wednesday! In the name of celebrating my birthday, i met up with my friends to exercise our vocal chords :)

I had a very special birthday cake made with ice-cream puffs & choc cube cakes too!

We sang from 8pm till 11pm and was considering whether to extend... but since everyone had to work the next day, we decided to be really good & disciplined employees & headed back home to rest :) Psst: Boss, i hope you read this entry!

Birthday Bash @ Dempsey Hut

Dear Friends: Thank you so much for celebrating our birthday! We had such a wonderful time together! Once again, thank you so much for all the gifts and most importantly, for all your friendships! We love and treasure all of you very much! Enjoy the pictures below ...

Hi Everyone! I just received a very unique birthday gift - a blog specially created for me from one of my good friends! I am learning how to start posting ... so please bear with me. Ha! Ha! Will be back real soon! :)