The Princess Wedding

I specially flew over to Jakarta, Indonesia to attend one of my members’ wedding … Sandy & Lalani’s Wedding! It was like the “Wedding of the Year” … super grand and glam! As the guys (Barry, Hendri, Andreas, Randolph, Jimmy, Adam and Andi) were all there as well, we had a great time “catching” up with them and they even taught me how to play bridge. Umm … And being a first-timer, I even beat Adam hands down! Ha! Ha! Just that due to my short stay, they can’t show me around Jakarta, and the only place they managed to bring me is to have a drink at “Starbucks!” Can you beat that? I’m first time visiting Jakarta and that is the only memory they are giving me man … Ha! This is going to be my hottest “suan-ing” topic whenever I talk to the Indo guys for a while … Hee! Hee!