Hope Community Reaches The Elderly

Together with my beautiful friends, we organized a community day for the elderly for Hope Community Services.

More than 16o elderly were present today. We took turns to emcee the day's programme and spent some quality time with the old but wise ones. See the team's group picture at the start of the day...
We had some gifts prepared for them... and took turns to present it to each individual. Their delightful faces were such a joy to behold.

There was also a lucky draw! Some of the wins were pretty attractive too!

See my friends serving food to all who were present...

Birthday celebrations!

Becoming Mrs Singapore is more than what i imagined it to be. This platform is giving me so many opportunities to do more for people. I use to only counsel misled youth... right now, i find myself in events (such as this) that allows me to see more and do more.
Thank you all for this new life! I'm loving it :)