Kids @ Zoo

For my ailing memory's sake, the next few posts will be flash-backs of the last few days :)

See a group of mothers tearing their hair out a few days before school reopens. No, not because of school textbooks that were yet to be bought, uniforms unpressed, tattered bags yet to be replaced... and oh! Socks too! Gosh... that brings me back to the never ending list of things to do. Well, guess my darlings are worth the busy bee syndrome. Anyway, we were cracking our brains over an issue - Where should we bring our children out to enjoy their last few days of freedom??!

In the end, we realised the all too conventional idea is presumably the best after all - Animals @ the Zoo! Sure to keep the kids busy! With that, we set off to the Singapore Zoological Gardens and the next thing we knew... a new understanding of "chaos" was revealed to us parents. Kids are amazing in that they never fail to bring these familiar words up another level of intensity.

The water playground was a greater draw to the kids compared to the animals in the end.. But well, we just wanted a day out for the kids to play with their friends! :)