Wild at Wild Wild Wet!

Chyanne is a genius! She has such a flair for photography. When the kids were going wild at wild wild wet one afternoon, she took the digi cam n snapped away. Everyone knows that still life is (supposedly) the simplest type of photography cos they are, erm, still? To capture moving objects requires more techniques i.e. stable hands and all. See Chyanne's work...

Kiang & Me right in the centre of the pic, as though measured from the borders! Ha!

Ok, we did aid her by keeping still... but still, we are in the category of "moving objects" aren't we? ;p 2 years going 3 and she can already shoot pics!

See the big brothers and sisters running about splashing wet everything and everyone who are in their paths...

Psst, this Ratatouille border is real cheerios ya? They brighten up the pics! Not like they need any brightening though... the kids were exuding energy :)