Art With A Heart For Cambodia

The last weekend was especially packed, not forgetting that Friday was Children's Day.

In line with the celebrations, a friend of mine invited us to her daughter's art exhibition. This was in a bid to raise funds for the children in Cambodia.
I was amazed and appalled when I first received the invite. And quite obviously, I was eager and expectant at how the exhibition would be like.

Held at their home, the 8-year old Rachel had the walls fully utilised, displaying all her artwork.

It was interesting to note that she used a wide variety from colour pencils to water colours. Beside being awed by the sheer number of artwork on display, I am even more touched by how BIG the heart of such a young girl is. Here is a picture of her!

My princess also did her bit for the underprivileged kids in Cambodia and bought this painting. Beautiful isn't it?

As an afterthought, isn't it true that we are all capable of doing our part for someone that is less fortunate than us? All it takes is just a bit more effort and thought on our part. I'm inspired by little Rachel to do something more. Hope you are too!