Great News For The Ladies!

From 1 Nov 2010, Medisave300 is extended to include the vaccination against cervical cancer.

What this means for all the ladies out there aged between 9 to 26 is this:
The cost of vaccination is greatly reduced since one can tap into their Medisave Account (or their family members) to subsidize/pay for their vaccination costs. This is however subjected to a maximum cost of $300 per year. Hence, the name Medisave300.

What is Medisave300?
It is basically a withdrawal from your current Medisave account to help cover the cost of some costly vaccinations and treatment of chronic diseases at the outpatient level. The withdrawal limit is capped at $300 per year.

I am just thinking, if you get your vaccination next month, you can possibly have the vaccination totally covered for since the three doses are given over a span of six months. So for all my dear friends that are yet to be vaccinated, get yours once its November!

You can read about these changes in details on the Ministry of Health website:

To facilitate your search for a clinic near you, you can use the clinic locator provided by POCC:

Remember, PREVENTION is DEFINITELY BETTER than cure! :)